Monday, 18 June 2012

A reader appreciation award


Recently I went out to find Dads.

It seemed the thing to do: Dad stalking.

Which sounds mental. It's not. I wanted to meet Dads to discuss Dad type things such as football, boobs and Bugs.

Not only did I find some wonderful Dads (and Mums), I got to read about the ups, downs, lefts and rights of their collective worlds. One such gent is Steve who passed this lovely award my way. I simply had to answer a few questions and not mention Liverpool FC.

What is your favourite colour?



I'm not sure I have one. When I was wee it was grey, which is like gray only spelt correctly. I'm going through a purple phase at the moment, but only because it's my preferred colour for Bug. 

What’s your favourite animal?

I often joke about a Labrador with great boobs. Just to have a pair of boobs that loyal. Imagine the possibilities. Boobs chasing sticks. Boobs begging for titbits. Jesus. I've had a lot of coffee.  

What’s your favourite non-alcoholic drink?

I refer to my previous answer.

Facebook or Twitter?

Facebook. It never annoys me like Twitter does. A few months back there was an international emergency and the number 1 worldwide trend at the time was that Justin Bieber had a cold. It gets on my twat cake when folks slag off Facebook and it takes them 4 tweets to do it. You are a fucking genius.

What is your favourite pattern?

Gosh. I have no idea.

Favourite number?

5: Skywalker and Mansell. Red five standing by. 

Favourite day of the week?

Monday. It's my first Bug day of the week.

Favourite flower?

Sunflowers. They're happy flowers.

What is your passion?

I have many and I want to be better at all of them.

Bye for now.



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  1. Love your blog, will add you to my "blogs we like" links when I'm next on the computer.

    Its really refreshing to read a dads blog that isn't after justice or just talking about football!

    Good work,